HISTORY: 1. How did it all start…

…all start in the Czech Republic? If this is the question you’d like to ask, here’s our answer. Mountain biking launched its first chapter into history at the end of 1970’s or maybe even later in the 80’s in the USA. Guys like Joe Breeze, Gary Fischer and Tom Ritchey invented a cool new toy which helped them to ride down the rocky roads in California, but no one imagined how far this journey would lead!

Since then, mountain biking has grown into a mainstream activity. The biggest development was achieved in the bike construction, which made riding modern bikes a truly comfortable pleasure with its superb suspension, efficient breaks and multi-gear drives.

Along with the growth of the sport and the development of its bikes, it was also necessary to give the riders an adequate playground. That’s why “specialized trails” and “trailcenters” arose as the buzzwords of the mountain biking community. It first spread from the USA to Canada, and from there to the UK and other countries. The trend first showed up in the Czech Republic around 2005 and it was a long jurney until the first 2 Czech trailcenters were built in 2009…

…to be continued! :-)

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