Mountainbiking season has started

For some cyclists the season never ends. You can see them cruising the roads and woods pretty much all year round, no matter if it’s snowing or raining cats and dogs. But that’s not us, we consider winter as the skiing and snowboarding season. How about you?!

No matter if you cycle over the winter or not, most of the trail centers in the Czech Republic remain closed for the winter period anyway. The reason varies, but mostly this is because of the gamekeepers, who want to preserve the forest calm and empty over the winter. Another reason is that with temperatures below zero the trails and also the wooden elements (f.e. bridges, banked turns etc.) would suffer much more damage than during the rest of the year.

One can be sure that the season has started once the trail centers announce opening. And that is exactly what’s happening here in the Czech Republic these days.

Rychlebské stezky (part of our MORAVIAN TOUR) were scheduled to open 2 weeks ago and the occasion was linked to the first community brigade of the season (the bikers are invited to help with the maintenance of the trails). It turned out to be a huge event with more than 130 keen helpers.

Trutnov Trails (a center we’ll guide you through during our BOHEMIAN TOUR) had the opening last Saturday. Even though the steady rain there were some passionate bikers to enjoy only a few rainy lines before hiding in the warm pub.

And as the season is finally here, you all are more than welcome to come and enjoy some classy mountain biking in the heart of Europe with us! 😉 Check out our BOHEMIAN and also the MORAVIAN tour details to find out more…