New dot on Czech singletrack map

On Friday was in the Czech Republic opened a new sinlgletrack center – Singletrail Moravský kras. As we saw some truly great reviews on the internet, we wanted to experience it by ourselves ASAP. Even though the weather turned very cold on Sunday, we took the bikes for a trip and inspected the location with great concern. And? We were stoked!!

One uphill trail leads you up the local hill Tipeček. But to be honest, it doesn’t take too many efforts to get up there as the trail is fun to ride and not very steep. On the hill you can decide which one of three routes you’ll go back down. There’s a blue, red and also a black one (blue should be easiest and black the most demanding). And our evaluation?

The trails were superbly smooth, playful and a great fun to ride indeed! The blue trail is the longest one and has got a lot to offer. Banked turns, bunny hops, double hops and some lovely views with cherry trees in blossom. Very good way to start the day!

Red trail called Rakovecký is beautifully curved into small valleys with extremely playful sections. For us it was the highlight of the day. And the black trail? Pretty fast with few extremely banked turns, from jump to jump sections, but still very convenient for all kinds of riders. Infinite playground for skilled dudes, but easy to ride through even for absolute beginners.

To ride all 3 loops means that you end up with close to 30 km in your legs. But those are definitely worth it!

On the bottom line, we have to praise the builders and founders of Singletrail Moravský kras. If you want to find out more about this trail center, feel free to visit their website or facebook page (both only in Czech language).

And you know what? We liked this place so much, that we decided to integrate it into our MORAVIAN TOUR instead of the visit at Bike Aréna Vysočina. It’s location will suit the tour better and what’s the most important point, it is definitely worth visiting!