2017 tour dates are out!

Here we come with the tour dates for 2017! This year we’ve decided to slightly change the itinerary of our tours and also add a 5-days tour for those of you who want to make the adventure a little shorter.

Czech out our MORAVIAN TOUR and also our BOHEMIAN TOUR to find out more about the terms we offer and detailed itinerary.

We updated the itinerary to make the transfers during our tours smoother and shorter. This year we felt like checking in & out 3 times at 3 different guest houses during one week was a little inconvenient, so in 2017 we will only use 2 places/week and your stay with us will feel more relaxed and fluent.

The 5-days tour is a new alternative to experience brilliant Czech mountain biking terrains. It is only scheduled end May/beginning June (Wednesday, May 31 – Sunday, June 4, 2017 in particular) with the arrival to Prague. There’s only 1 possible term scheduled for 2017, so if you feel like this is your choice, don’t wait with the booking too long.

Even though the weather in the Czech Republic is pretty cold and snowy nowadays and it doesn’t feel like riding a bike at all, it is now the right time to book your tour! We already have one of the 2017 tours booked out for a group of American bikers, so should you feel like planning an adventure on our soil, go ahead and get in touch or secure your spot right away!

Photo description:

Upper picture – mystical place in Bike Arena Vysočina we’ll guide you through within our BOHEMIAN TOUR.
Lower picure – Bike Arena Vysočina and one of our guides Lukin.