The SLOVAKIAN TOUR connects the best Slovakian MTB areas all into one trip. The best accessibility of these areas is either from Vienna or Bratislava airports. This trip includes a couple of trail centres with many imperceptible high-mountain forester trails in nearly alpine landscapes. Get ready for deep forests, traditional architecture, rich folklore and amazing local cuisine. Within the tour we’ll show you around:

Mountains in eastern Slovakia

Slovakia is a mountaineous country with many wild mountain ranges. We will explore those which have a lot to offer from the MTB perspective: Slánské vrchy, Levočské vrchy, optionally also Branisko and maybe even more. And you can be sure that it will be one hell of an all-mountain and enduro style riding which you can not ride anywhere else!

Malá Fatra

Beautiful mountain range of Malá Fatra offers a purely natural allmountain and enduro style riding. Long climbs are rewarded by steep and technical descents which will blow your mind!


Day 1: Sunday
Arriving to Vienna (Vienna International Airport).
Transfer to Poprad (4:00 h), Group Lunch Along the Way, Bike Setup.
Ride #1: Flowy Trails at the Foothill of the High Tatra mountains: Short Warm-Up Ride (approx. 1 hour). Accommodation in Hotel 1.
Welcome Dinner & Beer.

Day 2: Monday
Buffet Breakfast.
Transfer to Stará Lubovňa (0:45 h) Ride #2: All-Day Riding in the Biggest official Trail Center in Slovakia (Cyklostopy) with Group Lunch along the Way.
Transfer back to the hotel.
Dinner & Beer.

Day 3: Tuesday
Buffet Breakfast.
Transfer to Prešov (Kokošovce) (0:45 h)
Ride #3: All-Day Trip with Group Lunch along the Way: Enduro Trails in Immense Beech forest of Slanske Mountains.
Transfer back to the hotel.
Dinner & Beer

Day 4: Wednesday
Buffet Breakfast.
Rest Day with a Hiking Trip in High Tatra Mountains Supported by Gondola.
Lunch in a Local Restaurant.
Visit at Local Spa (Sauna, Warm Pools, Relax).
Dinner & Beer

Day 5: Thursday
Buffet Breakfast.
Transfer to Branisko (0:20 h) OR Transfer to Ružomberok (1:00 h).
Ride #4: All-Day Pure Enduro Riding at Branisko Mountains (a hidden gem of Slovakian enduro scene) OR All-Day Riding in Enduro Bike Park Malino Brdo with Gondola.
Transfer to Martin.(2:00 h OR 0:45 h) Accommodation in Hotel 2.
Dinner & Beer

Day 6: Friday
Buffet Breakfast.
Ride #5: All-Day Trip with Group Lunch along the Way:
Moutain Range of Malá Fatra: technically demanding and extremely long Mountain Trails (almost 1000 vertical meters of elevation each) in Steep Terrains with Exposed Sections. True all-mountain Experience Supported by a Shuttle Van.
Dinner & Beer

Day 7: Saturday
Buffet Breakfast.
Ride #6: Another Amazing Day on Great and Rough Trails of Malá Fatra Mountains partly supported by a Shuttle Van. Pure all-mountain riding with Amazing Downhills & Spectacular Views.
Dinner & Beer

Day 8: Sunday
Buffet Breakfast.
Transfer to the Airport (2:45 h).

Each tour is a living thing and may be influenced by several factors (weather, size and interests of the group, current closures on trails or so on). Your guides are experts who continually evaluate these factors to deliver an outstanding experience for every single member of the group. Therefore the itinerary may be amended when necessary.

During the week we will typically use hospitality of 2 different guest houses. Our aim is to bring some business to local people so we’re always picking smaller guest houses owned by locals and we never take our guest to large uniform hotel complexes. All of our accommodation is *** standard with a restaurant and cosy bar to spend the evening in.

Accommodation We Use is Always Equipped with These Facilities

Being single or odd?
Our holidays are priced per person based on two people sharing a room. We don’t charge a single person supplement, however we will aim to put two single people, of the same gender, into the same room. If you really don’t want this then we need to add an extra surcharge, please get in touch to ask about this. If you are traveling as an odd numbered group we will try to offer you the option of 3 to a room rather than sharing with a stranger. If we do that we will make sure there is a room large enough to make this comfortable!

Support of Our Van
We are always trying to use the van as little as possible. Our philosophy is to spend the most of each day out riding in nature and not to hassle with driving. Of course there are places or situations when using the van makes the daily program smoother and easier for everybody. Within this trip this will usually happen about 3-4 times.



Technical Difficulty

The destinations we ride on this trip offer a wide-range of trails with various technical difficulty. There are options for intermiediate, advanced or expert riders. We are always happy to tailor each tour to the abilities of our guests and sort them into 2-3 groups which perfectly suit to the technical and physical level of our riders. ...

Required Fitness Level

Our tours are planned for bikers who are used to spend several consecutive days on their bike. We cover around 25 – 45 km per day with emphasis on single trail riding and big & technical downhills. Elevation within the SLOVAKIAN TOUR with BKXC is around 800 to 1500 m per day. This tour is designed to deliver a balanced experience with mind/blowing descents and reasonable uphills. ...


  • Cozy and Comfortable Accommodation (Bike Wash, Bike Storage…)
  • Half Board (Breakfast Buffet & 3-Course Dinner with a Drink)
  • Transportation for both People and Bikes
  • 6 Days of Guided MTB Tours with Local Guides
  • Guided Program for the Day Off
  • Tools and A Place to Adjust / Fix Minor Issues on the Bike
  • Small Groups of 6 or occasionally 7
  • 2 Natural Energy Bars Each Day
  • Extra Uplifts to shorten some Climbs
  • Stylish Gift for each Participant


  • Lunch Meals
  • Wellness Center Entrance Fee
  • Laundry


  • Vienna International Airport is the best choice, most of the airline companies operate regular flights to this destination. We can also pick you up from Bratislava airport.
  • Arriving by car is definitely an option if you’re coming from closer destinations. Please get in touch to arrange details such as the meeting point and exact time with us.
  • From all over Europe you can get to Vienna or Bratislava Main Station without a problem.
  • For the SLOVAKIAN TOUR with BKXC we encourage our guests to plan the trip with arrival to Vienna no later than at 11AM on Sundays (or arrive one or two days early and spend some time in Vienna which has a lot to offer). This way we can handle the transfer to our first riding destination, setting up the bikes, accommodation and an initial warm-up ride on the day 1.


SLOVAKIAN TOUR with BKXC will take you around several riding destinations (typically 4) with a few decent transfers during the week. Usually we pick our clients up from the airport and drive them around the whole week in our comfortable van to drop them off in the airport when the show ends. But other means of arrival (car or train) are definitely doable and welcome.


Enjoy your MTB holidays to the fullest with one of our premium rental bikes! We offer a fleet of 25 premium bikes of these brands:


  • We design our tours for standard mountain bikes, but exceptions are possible. Does the e-bike help you to keep up with younger riders all week long? Or erase some medical limitation? Let us know your specific reasons for using the e-bike and we'll be happy to decide whether it is acceptable in our concept or not. We can also provide an e-bike rental.

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