Slovakian Tour with BKXC: will you join us?

Slovakian Tour with BKXC: will you join us?

We received several question about what is the trip with BKXC to Slovakia (June 25 - July 2) gonna be like? So here is a thorough description.

This trip is both physically as well as technically very demanding, definitely the toughest trip we offer. Slovakian trails are rougher than what you know from BOHEMIAN TOUR: NORTH or MORAVIAN TOUR, they are not that well maintained and often ridden only by a few locals (sometimes it looks more like game trails). These trails are usually super narrow and winding in a steep slope or going directly down, they could be described as "pure enduro". Dirt is flying over your back all the time, you're sitting on the rear wheel and unexpected rocks, logs, slabs, drops and all kinds of surprises are waiting behind each corner. A lot of adrenaline. Even for Radim and Jan a lot of it feels "on the limit".

The physical part is another story. On this trip there will be a lot of steep climbing - very often on gravel/asphalt roads, but also some hike-a-bike sections over rocky scree etc. However, the truth is that the second part of the trip we will also use shuttling for the biggest 1000m. uphills and that will allow us experience 2000-3000 meters of descending / day (= big big downhill days).


If you'll like the dirt behind your back all the time and rough narrow fearful inferno (kidding, but not that much), then this is a good choice for you. It will be definitely a bit different to anything you've ridden with us so far. We at Czech MTB Holidays like the diversity, but if your favorite trails are Trutnov (on the schedule of BOHEMIAN TOUR: NORTH) or Rychleby (end of MORAVIAN TOUR), this is not quite the same. Technically it's similarly hard, maybe even more, but the obstacles are not that neatly shaped and paved (and not that photogenic / iconic), it's more of a steepness and sometimes loose, rutted terrain what makes it tough.

Does this sound like your cup of coffee? Then CHECK THE DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE TRIP and don't hesitate to SIGN IN.

Rides with a view

Spring trips around the corner

Spring trips around the corner

Spring vibes are on the horizon - our first trip of the season starts roughly in one month! To be precise: on Sunday, April 23 when we'll launch the first BOHEMIAN TOUR: NORTH of the season. And other trips will follow very soon after that - in May you have 3 more chances to join us! We still have plenty of available spots, so if you want to start your cycling season right, jump on board and sign in! All available spring trips are listed on our frontpage!


Similarly, as all other countries in Central Europe, Czechia has 4 seasons. Spring is usually a bit cooler, but in general it is a wonderful time of year when the nature starts blooming and all imaginable shades of green are everywhere around. The average temperature ranges around 10°C, that's why we always start our trips no earlier than last week of April, when the sun usually gets warmer and it is no exception to ride in 15-20 Celsius degrees.

Spring trips

Svíčková na smetaně? Eat it!

Svíčková na smetaně? Eat it!

Coming for a trip with us means that you will ride several amazing mountain bike trails. But apart from that you will also have a chance to try traditional local meals! Among them you can taste for example the one and only dish called “svíčková” or “svíčková na smetaně”. It is Czech national meat specialty: a delicious combination of tender beef, creamy sauce, and light dumplings, quite often also served with a slice of lemon, whipped cream and cranberry jam on top. Even though the combination may look a bit weird on the plate, do not hesitate and try it!

The old-Czech cuisine is very characteristic with filling dumplings served with diverse sauces and “svíčková” is one the brightest examples. Even though the Czechs, Austrians and Germans argue about the origin of the dumpling, it is only in the Czech Republic where you will still find it on the menu of (nearly) every restaurant, as well as at home. The creamy sauce is usually very thick and might look unhealthy. But the truth is that it is made only of root vegetables thoroughly roasted in oven for several hours and then simply mixed with full-fat cream into a puree. So simply put, nothing that shall plug your pipes. The taste is surprisingly intense yet very delicate.


It is one of the must try meals while in Czechia! Of course, only under the circumstance that you are not a vegetarian. And after a proper day on the bike.

Traditional Czech meal: svickova

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Beth Mitchell

"Amazing trip!!!"

ED Santerior

"Jan was a fantastic guide, knew the trails inside and out, and was responsive to whatever I asked."

Arte Et Marte 

"Bikes, trails, food, accommodation, people, scenery, beer: all being great without exception."

Jennifer Robinson

"Highly recommended!"


Rachel M

"Czech MTB-ing was the best vacation!"


"Brilliant trail riding."

Frederik O

"Endless flow vs rocky descents - Love it all!"

Paul Kaiser

"Excellent guided trip."

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