Svíčková na smetaně? Eat it!

Coming for a trip with us means that you will ride several amazing mountain bike trails. But apart from that you will also have a chance to try traditional local meals! Among them you can taste for example the one and only dish called “svíčková” or “svíčková na smetaně”. It is Czech national meat specialty: a delicious combination of tender beef, creamy sauce, and light dumplings, quite often also served with a slice of lemon, whipped cream and cranberry jam on top. Even though the combination may look a bit weird on the plate, do not hesitate and try it!

The old-Czech cuisine is very characteristic with filling dumplings served with diverse sauces and “svíčková” is one the brightest examples. Even though the Czechs, Austrians and Germans argue about the origin of the dumpling, it is only in the Czech Republic where you will still find it on the menu of (nearly) every restaurant, as well as at home. The creamy sauce is usually very thick and might look unhealthy. But the truth is that it is made only of root vegetables thoroughly roasted in oven for several hours and then simply mixed with full-fat cream into a puree. So simply put, nothing that shall plug your pipes. The taste is surprisingly intense yet very delicate.


It is one of the must try meals while in Czechia! Of course, only under the circumstance that you are not a vegetarian. And after a proper day on the bike.

Traditional Czech meal: svickova

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